Our History

In December, 2006, Cheryl Hoffmann´s daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. Seeing the impact it was having on her daughter´s schooling and self-esteem, as any loving parent would do, Cheryl sought treatment for her child. After a long search Cheryl was dismayed, frustrated and discouraged at the lack of acknowledgement and local resources that were being offered for dyslexia and its treatment. After doing much research Cheryl discovered the Bright Solutions Organization of San Jose, California, and its Barton Reading Program which was devised by renowned dyslexia expert Susan Barton.

Cheryl spent a few weeks studying the Barton system and decided to tutor her daughter herself since local resources in Manitoba were non-existent. Within a few months of starting the program Cheryl´s daughter displayed remarkable improvement, and soon her daughter was on track with her studies.

Appreciating the profound impact dyslexia had on not only her daughter but on herself, and the remarkable change to her daughter´s self-esteem and studies once they applied the Barton Reading Program, Cheryl was eager to share her experience and tutoring skills with other families who are dealing with the same issues. As a result of her success – and her daughter´s dramatic improvement – Cheryl was inspired to launch the KC Dyslexic Learning Centre in 2007, to fill the local void which exists in Manitoba for people with dyslexia and their families. As a tribute to overcoming the odds, and to act as an inspiration to clients studying at the institute, Cheryl decided to name the learning centre after her daughter´s initials, KC.

Our Service

The KC Dyslexic Learning Centre is a group of tutors and instructors trained in the Barton Reading Program. Offering one-on-one tutoring sessions in an environment that encourages building self-esteem and positive attitudes, the KC Dyslexic Learning Centre caters to all dyslexics regardless of age. Cheryl chose to adopt the Barton Reading Program because of its universal appeal and its proven and remarkable record of efficacy.

The KC Dyslexic Learning Centre licenses the Barton Reading Program and offers personalized and hands-on sessions at our Centre, your home, at school or Skype. Parents of dyslexic children may not have the time or resources to purchase and administer the program themselves, so the centre offers a highly qualified and convenient alternative. At present the centre is the only institution in Manitoba that offers comprehensive tutoring aimed solely at helping people with dyslexia overcome their challenges. We are dedicated to empowering you and your loved ones so they may reach their full potential.

About the Company

  • The centre is exclusive to dyslexia;
  • We tutor both children and adults;
  • All our tutors are trained in the Barton Reading and Spelling System;
  • The system has a total of 10 levels which take approximately two years to complete;
  • Since repetition and consistency are critical, it is recommended that two sessions per week are scheduled;
  • Sessions last approximately 40-50 minutes, are private and one-on-one;
  • The centre has four tutoring rooms;
  • Evening and weekend sessions are available.

Cheryl´s Note

I am not an educator nor a psychologist, I am simply a mother of a 12 year-old child who has severe dyslexia.

We have made it through frustration, crying, anxiety about having to read aloud in class and the embarrassment of not being able to. Not knowing what street signs, commercials and billboards say. We endured through hours upon hours of homework together because she didn´t want to do it, since it was almost impossible for her to read the instructions - never mind writing the actual answers. I recall her stomach aches and anxiety the night before tests, and the painful embarrassment her mark caused when the test result came back. I remember the sense of frustration and hopelessness as my daughter doubted herself, thinking she was stupid because she couldn´t read, and me as her mother knowing how brilliant she actually was.

Finding this program and using it has been a miracle. My daughter can read now and our lives have changed forever. Her personality is lighter, spunkier, she is confident, she feels smart, and she feels she can accomplish anything. The sky is the limit for her now, and as her mother it makes my heart sing to know that she can read and that she is proud of herself.

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